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A área de gestão e investimento está repleta de siglas.

Este artigo serve para concentrar num só local o maior número possível dessas siglas e respectivo significado (acrescentando ainda a ligação para o artigo correspondente).

Sigla Significado
AAII American Association of Individual Investors
AAOE Abort All Open Exchanges
AAP Asset Allocation Plan
AARL Asset Allocation Related Liability
ABCP Asset Backed Commercial Paper
ABS Asset Backed Securities
ABSC Asset Backed Securities Corporation
ACATS Automated Customer Account Transfer Service
ADR American Depositary Receipt
ADR Annual Dividend Ratio
ADS American Depositary Share
ADSL Assymetric Digital Subscriber Line
ADSM Abu Dhabi Securities Market
ADTV Average Daily Trading Volume
AEX Amsterdam Exchanges
AF Análise Fundamental
AFBD Association of Futures Brokers and Dealers (UK)
AFFM Australian Financial Futures Market
AFMR Australian Financial Markets Report
AG Assembleia Geral
AH After-Hours
AIME Average Index Monthly Earnings
AIMS Australian International Mortgage Securities
ALM Asset Liability Management
AMEX American Express (cartão de crédito)
AMEX The American Stock Exchange, Inc.
ANTE Amex New Trading Environment
AODB Amex Options Display Book
API Application Programming Interface
APR Annual Percentage Rate
APT Arbitrage Pricing Theory
APV Adjusted Present Value
ARM Adjustable Rate Mortgage
ARPU Average Revenue Per User
ASAP As Soon As Possible (tão rápido quanto possível)
AT Análise Técnica
ATM At-the-money
ATM Automated Teller Machine (Multibanco)
ATR Average True Range
ATS Automated Trading System
AUM Assets Under Management
AUS Automated Underwriting System
B2B Business to Business
B2C Business to Consumer
bps Basis points
BBO Best Bid and Offer
BCE Banco Central Europeu
BDI Baltic Dry Index
BFSR Bank Financial Strength Ratings
BI Business Intelligence
BK BanKruptcy
BOPM Binomial Options Pricing Model
BOTCC Board of Trade Clearing Corporation
BoE Bank of England
BRIC Brazil, Russia, India and China
BSC Balanced SCorecard
BT Bilhete do Tesouro
BVPS Book Value Per Share
CAPM Capital Asset Pricing Model
CAPEX Capital Expenditure
CBOE Chicago Board Options Exchange, Inc.
CBOT Chicago Board of Trade
CC Coeficiente de Contingência
CCO Chief Compliance Officer
CD Certificate of Deposit
CDD Cooling Degree Day
CDO Collaterized Debt Obligation
CDS Credit Default Swap
CE Cash Earnings
CEO Chief Executive Officer
CET Central European Time
CF Cash Flow
CFA Chartered Financial Analyst
CFNAI Chicago FED National Activity Index
CFO Chief Financial Officer
CFROI Cash Flow Return on Investment
CFTC Commodity Futures Trading Commission
CGT Capital Gains Tax
CIF Cost, Insurance and Freight
CIO Chief Information Officer
CKO Chief Knowledge Officer
CMBS Commercial Mortgage-Backed Security
CME Chicago Mercantile Exchange
CMS Constant Maturity Swap
CMV Current Market Value
CMVM Comissão do Mercado de Valores Mobiliários
CMO Collateralized Mortgage Obligation
COF COnsulta de oFertas
COO Chief Operating Officer
COT Commitment Of Traders
CP Commercial Paper
CPDO Constant Proportion Debt Obligation
CPEC Convertible Preferred Equity Certificate
CPI Consumer Price Index
CRM Customer Relationship Management
CRSP Center for Research in Security Prices
CSO Chief Security Officer
CTO Chief Technology Officer
CUSIP Committee on Uniform Securities Identification Procedures
CVA Credit Valuation Adjustments
DARF Documento de Arrecadação de Receitas Federais
DCA Dollar Cost Averaging
DCF Discounted Cash Flow
DDM Dividend Discount Model
DFCF Discounted Free Cash Flow
DMA Direct Market Access
DMIF Directiva dos Mercados de Instrumentos Financeiros
DO Depósito à Ordem
DOA Dead On Arrival
DP Depósito a prazo
DPS Dividend Per Share
DR Demonstração de resultados
DTCC Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation
DTI Debt-To-Income
DVA Debit Valuation Adjustments
DY Dividend Yield
D/E Debt/Equity Ratio
EA Expert Advisor
EAD Exposure At Default
EBF Estatuto dos Benefícios Fiscais
EBIT Earnings Before Interest and Taxes
EBITDA Earnings Before Interest Taxes Depreciation and Amortization
EBT Electronic Benefits Transfer
ECB European Central Bank
ECN Electronic Communications Network
ECRI Economic Cycle Research Institute
EFP Exchange For Physical
EFSF European Financial Stability Facility
EFT Electronic Funds Transfer
EIA Energy Information Administration
EL Expected Loss
EMA Exponential Moving Average
EOD End Of Day
EOL End Of Life
EPD Early Payment Default
EPS Earnings Per Share
ERISA Employee Retirement Income Security Act
ERP Enterprise Resource Planning
ERP Equity Risk Premium
ETC Exchange-Traded Commodity
ETF Exchange-Traded Fund
ETN Exchange-Traded Note
EURIBOR EURo InterBank Offered Rate
EV Enterprise Value
EVA Enterprise Value Added
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions (Perguntas feitas frequentemente)
FASB Financial Accounting Standards Board
FCF Free Cash Flow
FCFE Free Cash Flow to Equity
FCFF Free Cash Flow to Firm
FDIC Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
FED FEDeral reserve
FEEF Fundo Europeu para a Estabilização Financeira
FICO Fair Isaac COrporation
FIFO First In First Out
FIM Fundos de Investimento Mobiliário
FIX Financial Information eXchange
FMI Fundo Monetário Internacional
FOB Freight On Board / Free On Board
FOK Fill-Or-Kill
FOMC Federal Open Market Committee
FOREX FOReign Exchange
FRA Forward Rate Agreement
FRB Federal Reserve Board
FSB Financial Stability Board
FSF Financial Stability Forum
FTHB First Time Home Buyer
FYI For Your Information (para seu conhecimento)
FV Future Value
FX Forex
GAAP Generally Accepted Accounting Standards
GBP Great Britain Pound (Pound Sterling)
GDP Gross Domestic Product
GIC (pronuncia-se gick) Guaranteed Investment Contract
GL General Ledger
GNP Gross National Product
GSE Government-sponsored Enterprise
GTC Good Till Cancelled
GUDD Gold Up, Dollar Down
GRERJ Guia de Recolhimento de Receita Judiciária do Tribunal de Justiça do Estado do Rio de Janeiro
HCE Hora Central Europeia
HDD Heating Degree Day
HHI Herfindahl-Hirschman Index
HOEPA (EUA) Home Ownership and Equity Protection Act
IAS International Accounting Standards
IBAN International Bank Account Number
ICB Industry Classification Benchmark
IDE Investimento Directo Estrangeiro
IDH Índice de Desenvolvimento Humano
IFRS International Financial Reporting Standards
IHH Índice de Herfindahl-Hirschman
ILB Inflation Linked Bond
IMF International Monetary Fund
IMFC International Monetary and Financial Committee
IMM International Monetary Market
IOU I Owe You
IPC Índice de Preços ao Consumidor
IPO Initial Public Offering
IRA Individual Retirement Account
IRC Imposto sobre o Rendimento das Pessoas Colectivas
IRS Imposto sobre o Rendimento das Pessoas Singulares
IRS (EUA) Inland Revenue Service
IRR Internal Rate of Return
ISDA International Swap Dealers Association
ISIN International Securities Identification Number
IVA Imposto sobre o Valor Acrescentado
JPY JaPanese Yen
LEAPS Long-term Equity AnticiPation Securities
LBO Leveraged Buyout
LGD Loss Given Default
LIFO Last In First Out
LOI Letter of Intent
LTA Linha de Tendência Ascendente
LTCM Long-Term Capital Management
LTD Linha de Tendência Descendente
LTV Loan To Value
M&A Mergers & Aquisitions
MAC Material Adverse Change
MACD Moving Average Convergence Divergence
MBA Master of Business Administration
MBAO Modelo Binomial de Avaliação de Opções
MBO Management Buy Out
MBS Mortgage-Backed Security
MIDAM MIDAMerica commodity exchange
MLS Multiple Listing Service
MM Market Maker
MM Média Móvel
MMI Mercado Monetário Interbancário
MMKT Money Market
MME Média Móvel Exponencial
MMS Média Móvel Simples
MoM Month-on-Month
MPT Modern Portfolio Theory
MRD Minimum Required Distribution
MTM Mark-to-Market
NAIRU Non-Accelerating Inflation Rate of Unemployment
NASD National Association of Securities Dealers
NASDAQ National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation (system)
NAV Net Asset Value
NDA New Drug Application
NIB Número de Identificação Bancária
NOPAT Net Operating Profit After Tax
NOPLAT Net Operating Profit Less Adjusted Taxes
NPV Net Present Value
NIMBY Not In My BackYard
NYMEX New-York Mercantile Exchange
NYSE New York Stock Exchange, Inc.
OCA One-Cancels-All
OCC The Options Clearing Corporation
OCDE Organização para a Cooperação e Desenvolvimento Económico
OE Orçamento de Estado
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer
OHLC Open-High-Low-Close
ONG Organização Não Governamental
ONU Organização das Nações Unidas
OPA Oferta Pública de Aquisição
OPEC Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries
OPEP Organização dos Países Exportadores de Petróleo
OPEX Operational Expenditure
OPRA Options Price Reporting Authority
OPV Oferta Pública de Venda
OSM Organização, Sistemas e Métodos
OT Obrigação do Tesouro
OTC Over-the-Counter
OTRV Obrigação do Tesouro de Renda Variável
P&L Profit and Loss
PAC Política Agrícola Comum
PALOP Países Africanos de Língua Oficial Portuguesa
PBV Price/Book value
PCES Plano de Contas para as Empresas de Seguros
PCF Price/Cash Flow
PCSB Plano de Contas para o Sistema Bancário
PD Probability of Default
PDUFA Prescription Drug User Fee Act
PEC Preferred Equity Certificate
PER Price/Earnings Ratio
PHLX Philadelphia Stock Exchange, Inc.
PIB Produto Interno Bruto
PIDDAC Programa de Investimento e Despesas de Desenvolvimento da Administração Central
PIGS Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain
PIK Payment-In-Kind
PLC Public Limited Company
PK PinK sheets
PNB Produto Nacional Bruto
POA Power of Attorney
POC Plano Oficial de Contas
POMO Permanent Open Market Operations
POP Public Offering Price
POTUS President Of The United States
PPA Plano Poupança Acções
PPC Paridade de Poder de Compra / Padrão de Poder de Compra
PPI Producer Price Index
PPP Purchasing Power Parity
PPR Plano Poupança Reforma
PPS Purchasing Power Standard
PPT Plunge Protection Team
PSE The Pacific Stock Exchange, Inc.
PSP Profit Sharing Plan
PV Present Value
QE Quantitative Easing
QEE Quantidade Económica de Encomenda
RAJI Resultado Antes de Juros e Impostos
REIT Real Estate Investment Trust
RevPAR Revenue Per Available Room
RFC Reconstruction Finance Corporation
RO Resultado Operacional
ROA Return On Assets
ROC Rate Of Change
ROC Return On Capital
ROE Return On Equity
ROI Return On Investment
ROIC Return On Invested Capital
RSI Relative Strenght Index
RSI Rendimento Social de Inserção
RTO Reverse Takeover
R&D Research and Development
S&P Standard and Poor's
SA Sociedade Anónima
SARL Sociedade anónima de responsabilidade limitada
SDMX Statistical Data and Metadata eXchange
SDR Special Drawing Rights
SEBC Sistema Europeu de Bancos Centrais
SEC Securities and Exchange Commission
SGPS Sociedade Gestora de Participações Sociais
SICAV Sociedade de Investimento de Capital Variável
SIV Structured Investment Vehicle
SKU Stock Keeping Unit
SMA Simple Moving Average
SNC Sistema de Normalização Contabilística
SOQ Special Opening Quotation
SPV Special-Purpose Vehicle
SRO Self-Regulatory Organization
SSS Same-Store Sales
STP Straight-Through Processing
SWF Sovereign Wealth Fund
SWOT Strenghts, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats
TAE Taxa Anual Efectiva
TAEB Taxa Anual Efectiva Bruta
TAEG Taxa Anual Efectiva Global
TAEL Taxa Anual Efectiva Líquida
TAN Taxa Anual Nominal
TANB Taxa Anual Nominal Bruta
TANL Taxa Anual Nominal Líquida
TARGET Trans-european Automated Real-time Gross-settlement Express Transfer
TB Treasury Bill
TBTF Too Big To Fail
TDA Tax-deferred Annuity
TILA (EUA) Truth-in-Lending Act
TIPS (EUA) Treasury Inflation Protected Securities
TIR Taxa Interna de Rendibilidade
TOC Técnico Oficial de Contas
TRCB Taxa de Referência para o Cálculo de Bonificações
TRIN The Trading Index
TSA Tax-sheltered Annuity
TTM Trailing Twelve Months (nos últimos 12 meses)
TVM Time Value of Money
TWAP Time Weighted Average Price
UEM União Económica e Monetária
UP Unidade de Participação
USD United States Dollar
USO United States Oil Fund
UTC Universal Time, Coordinated
VAL Valor Actual Líquido
VALA Valor Actual Líquido Ajustado
VAR Value-at-Risk
VIX Volatility IndeX (S&P 500)
VWAP Volume-Weighted Average Price
WACC Weighted Average Cost of Capital
WSJ Wall Street Journal
WTI West Texas Intermediate
YoY Year-on-Year
YTD Year To Date (Do início do ano até esta data)
YTM Yield To Maturity
ZIRP Zero Interest Rate Policy