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Natural Gas Might Produce A Fracking Miracle In 2013

on Mon, Apr 9 • DVN, GAZ, SD

Amazon's Cash Is Not Amazon's Cash

on Mon, Apr 9 • CRM, BRK.B, AMZN

The Problem With Coal

on Sun, Apr 8 • ACI, ANR, CNX

Little Black Book: People Buy Stories Not Numbers

on Thu, Apr 5 • AMZN, BHP, GOOG

A Flash Crash Is Not Only Possible, But Likely

on Wed, Apr 4 • AAPL, IBM, MSFT

Taking Issue With Flurry's Piece Of Research On

on Wed, Apr 4 • AAPL, GOOG, AMZN

Another Dreadful Trend Impacting

on Tue, Apr 3 • AMZN

Other Possible Effects Of The Retina Display Rush

on Tue, Apr 3 • AAPL, AMAT, KLAC

Why I Now Dislike Apple

on Mon, Apr 2 • AMZN, GOOG, MSFT

The Apple Rumor Mill

on Thu, Mar 29 • CHL, AAPL

Sears Already Liquidating?

on Thu, Mar 29 • SHLD

Little Black Book: A Stock Is Not Just A Stock

on Thu, Mar 29 • AMZN, GS, MS

The Great Kindle Implosion

on Wed, Mar 28 • BKS, GOOG, TXN

The Sears Short Squeeze Is Loosening Up

on Wed, Mar 28 • SHLD

Applying The Altman Z-Score To Sprint

on Mon, Mar 26 • AAPL, SHLD, S

Apple: All-Glass iPhone 5 Draws One Step Closer

on Fri, Mar 23 • GLW, AAPL

TVIX and GAZ: Betting Against The Consumption Of This Free Lunch

on Fri, Mar 23 • GAZ, TVIX

You Can't Hold These ETNs For The Long Term

on Fri, Mar 23 • DGAZ, GAZ, TVIX

Taking Issue With The Kiva Pump

on Wed, Mar 21 • AMZN

No Market For Reasonable People

on Wed, Mar 21 • AMZN, GAZ, SHLD

Applying The Altman Z-Score To Netflix And

on Wed, Mar 21 • AMZN, NFLX

Applying The Altman Z-Score To Sears

on Mon, Mar 19 • SHLD

Why The New iPhone 5 Is So Important To Apple

on Sun, Mar 18 • AAPL

Amazon Beware: The Google Empire Strikes Back

on Sun, Mar 18 • GOOG, AMZN

Iron Ore Margins Can't Last

on Fri, Mar 16 • BHP, RIO, VALE

Sears Has A $1 Billion Pension Nut Coming Up

on Thu, Mar 15 • SHLD

Update On Kindle Fire Returns

on Thu, Mar 15 • BKS, AMZN

More Color On China's Real Estate Market And The Impact On Commodities

on Wed, Mar 14 • AKS, BHP, FCX

One Giant Threat To Intel

on Wed, Mar 14 • ARMH, DELL, HPQ

What Might Apple's iPhone 5 Look Like?

on Tue, Mar 13 • GLW, NOK, AAPL

Zynga Moves Highlight Amazon Web Services And 'Adverse Selection'

on Tue, Mar 13 • SNE, ZNGA, AMZN

TravelCenters of America: A Small-Cap Opportunity Related To Trucking

on Mon, Mar 12 • HPT, TA

TVIX: An Emerging Arbitrage Opportunity

on Mon, Mar 12 • GAZ, PSLV, PTM

How Will Sears Do In The First Quarter 2012?

on Mon, Mar 12 • SHLD

The Weather Impact On Economic Data

on Fri, Mar 9 • KOL, XHB, SPY

Australian Economy Watch: Latest Data

on Fri, Mar 9 • BHP, EWA, FXA

Sears: What Else Is Hiding In Plain Sight?

on Thu, Mar 8 • SHLD

The Retina Display Rush

on Thu, Mar 8 • AAPL, NVDA, QCOM

Watch Battery Manufacturers For A Trend That's Hard To Take Advantage Of

on Wed, Mar 7 • TSLA, VLNC, AONE

The Blows Keep Coming For Basic Materials

on Tue, Mar 6 • AKS, MT, VALE

The Banking Sector Albatross

on Tue, Mar 6 • QQQ, SPY, XLF

Apple: Expecting Another Buy Opportunity Following iPad 3 Announcement

on Tue, Mar 6 • AAPL

China Offers 2 Negatives For General Motors And Ford

on Mon, Mar 5 • F, GM, VLKAY.PK

The Apple Flash Crash

on Mon, Mar 5 • AAPL

The Sears 'Real Estate Is Undervalued' Myth

on Sat, Mar 3 • SHLD

Parsing Zynga's New Website Move

on Fri, Mar 2 • BAMM, FB, ZNGA

Australia's Economy May Suffer 3 Major Blows

on Fri, Mar 2 • BHP, RIO, WBK

Is There Risk For Google In The Mobile Revolution?

on Fri, Mar 2 • AAPL, AMZN, MSFT

Great Northern Iron Ore: The Greatest Short Play You Can't Make

on Thu, Mar 1 • COP, GNI

Turning Negative On Nokia

on Thu, Mar 1 • MSFT, NOK

Developments In Steel And Iron Ore

on Thu, Mar 1 • AKS, BHP, CLF

Paradigm Shift In Online Digital Goods Retailing

on Wed, Feb 29 • AAPL, GOOG, MSFT

What's Really Behind's Campus Building Cancellation?

on Wed, Feb 29 • CRM

Elpida Bankruptcy Likely To Have Huge Impact On DRAM Market

on Wed, Feb 29 • MU, ELPDF.PK

Economic Surprise Index Breaks Down

on Wed, Feb 29

Why You Should Step Away From The Commodities Table

on Tue, Feb 28 • GAZ, PTM, USO

GAZ's 42% Premium: Sell This ETN Now

on Mon, Feb 27 • UNG, GAZ

Warren Buffett's Uncharacteristic Misstep

on Mon, Feb 27 • GAZ, GEN, KOL

The Great Copper Spike Of Death

on Mon, Feb 27 • GAZ, PTM, KOL

What To Expect With The Ending Of LTRO 2

on Mon, Feb 27 • DIA, SPY, EWG's Big-Figure Deals Are Misleading

on Fri, Feb 24 • CRM

Knowing China And Its Economy

on Fri, Feb 24 • SLX, FXI

Sears Is Selling Underperforming Stores ... Not

on Fri, Feb 24 • GGP, SHLD's Q4 Deferred Revenue Growth Not What It Seems

on Fri, Feb 24 • CRM And The Netflix Pricing Conundrum

on Thu, Feb 23 • NFLX, AMZN • 9 Comments

Short Amazon: Making Sense Of A 5-Year Chart Overlay With Apple

on Thu, Feb 23 • AAPL, AMZN • 5 Comments

'Am I In A One-Sided Trade?' Gold, Silver Longs Just Might Be

on Thu, Feb 23 • FXF, GLD, IAU • 23 Comments

'Voluntary' Greek Debt Swap Creates Several Troubling Precedents

on Thu, Feb 23 • FXE, JPM, XLF • 6 Comments

It's A Long Way Down

on Thu, Feb 23 • BHP, RIO, VALE • 9 Comments

Wynn Resorts Red Flag Keeps Getting Larger

on Thu, Feb 23 • WYNN

Should You Buy Facebook In The IPO?

on Tue, Feb 21 • GRPN, LNKD, P

There's More To China's Slowdown

on Tue, Feb 21 • BHP, VALE, XOM

What's Really Behind Recent Yen Weakness

on Tue, Feb 21 • EWJ, FXY, JYF

Apple: The Goldman Connection

on Fri, Feb 17 • C, GS, AAPL

Contango In Futures-Based Commodity ETFs: A Real Profit Killer

on Fri, Feb 17 • UNG, USO, OIL

Sell This Run-Up On Steel And Copper

on Thu, Feb 16 • BHP, VALE, X

How Euphoric Is The Market?

on Wed, Feb 15 • AMZN, DRYS, ENER

Basic Materials Continue Free Fall

on Wed, Feb 15 • AKS, NUE, RIO

The Disconnect: Cyclical Sectors Facing Downward Pricing Pressure

on Tue, Feb 14 • AKS, RIO, BHP

Barron's Latest 'Dow 15,000' Issue: 'Cover Indicator At Work?

on Mon, Feb 13 • DIA, QQQ, SPY

AT&T And Sprint: First Move Towards Cutting Smartphone Subsidies

on Mon, Feb 13 • T, S, AAPL

Is There A Smart Phone Glut?

on Mon, Feb 13 • AAPL, GOOG, MMI

Greece Not To Blame For Tumble In Basic Materials

on Mon, Feb 13 • AA, BHP, BTU

Retail And The Coming Positive Effect Of Sales Taxes

on Fri, Feb 10 • AMZN, BKS, RSH

Jobs Data Might Be A Statistical Mirage

on Fri, Feb 10 • DIA, QQQ, SPY

Several Indicators Flashing Red, Indicating Rough Path Ahead For Market

on Thu, Feb 9 • AKS, BHP, MT

Playing The Great Divide Between Brent And WTI Crude Oil

on Wed, Feb 8 • HFC, TSO, USO

Groupon: A Business That Does Not Easily Scale

on Wed, Feb 8 • AMZN, GOOG, GRPN

China's Non-Manufacturing PMI Further Proof Of Problems

on Wed, Feb 8 • AKS, X, MT

In Steel, India Is Not A Factor

on Tue, Feb 7 • AKS, BHP, MT

The Euro Is Not Cheap Enough

on Tue, Feb 7 • AMZN, FXE, SPY

The Iron Ore End Is Nigh

on Mon, Feb 6 • BHP, RIO, VALE

Why Greece Will Default

on Mon, Feb 6

Expecting A Bust In The Shipbuilding Industry

on Sun, Feb 5 • AKS, HII, X

Method To The Zynga Madness

on Fri, Feb 3 • AMZN, GRPN, N

Was That The Bottom For Natural Gas?

on Fri, Feb 3 • CHK, EOG, UNG

Why Deutsche Bank Avoids The LTRO

on Fri, Feb 3 • BNPQY.PK, CRZBY.PK, DB

Why The Spike For Sears Today

on Fri, Feb 3 • SHLD

The DRAM Rally Seems Done

on Thu, Feb 2 • INTC, MU, SMH

Baltic Dry Index Plumbs New Lows

on Thu, Feb 2 • DRYS, GNK, NM

3 Elephants In The Amazon Room

on Thu, Feb 2 • AAPL, GOOG, NFLX

Amazon Slowdown Much Worse Than It Seems?

on Tue, Jan 31 • BBY, AMZN

Dissecting Lock-Up Date Expirations

on Mon, Jan 30 • FIO, GRPN, JIVE

China Slowdown May Impact Forex Trading

on Mon, Jan 30 • AWC, BHP, RIO

Copper Will Soon Be Hit Hard

on Sun, Jan 29 • FCX, SCCO, COPX

Facebook Mania Poses A Danger To These 5 Stocks

on Sat, Jan 28 • LNKD, ZNGA, P

Nvidia Faces Challenges

on Fri, Jan 27 • AAPL, AMD, ARMH

An Emerging Problem With Steel Prices

on Thu, Jan 26 • AKS, MT, NUE

Apple Is An Extraordinary Company, But ...

on Wed, Jan 25 • AMZN, SNE, AAPL

Stocks, Bonds And Demographics

on Wed, Jan 25 • GE, HAS, HRB

Never Ending Quantitative Easing

on Wed, Jan 25 • FXB, FXE, UDN

Has Natural Gas Hit Its Bottom?

on Tue, Jan 24 • UNG

The Lure Of Low-Priced Stocks

on Mon, Jan 23 • BAC, BRCD, C

Developments In Sears

on Mon, Jan 23 • SHLD

Is Buffett Buying Into The Solar Sector?

on Fri, Jan 20 • FSLR, JASO, JKS

Sears Is In A Classic Short Squeeze

on Fri, Jan 20 • SHLD

Steel Is In China's Hands

on Fri, Jan 20 • AKS, MT, NUE Showing Security Vulnerabilities

on Thu, Jan 19 • SNE, AMZN

The China Syndrome

on Tue, Jan 17 • VALE, CNX, ANR

A Kinder, Gentler Apple

on Sun, Jan 15 • AAPL

Intel Finally Cracked The Mobile Market

on Sun, Jan 15 • AMD, ARMH, AAPL

Sears Seems Trapped In A Death Spiral

on Thu, Jan 12 • AAMRQ.PK, SHLD

A Red Flag Emerges In Wynn Resorts

on Thu, Jan 12 • WYNN

Stocks That Benefit From Online Gambling In The U.S.

on Wed, Jan 11 • MGM, BYD, IGT

Understanding Bankruptcies As An Investor

on Wed, Jan 11 • AAMRQ.PK, EK, TRID

Don't Get Trapped By Technologies Going Obsolete

on Tue, Jan 10 • USMO, GOOG, DEXO • 7 Comments

Is Sirius An Incredible Bargain?

on Tue, Jan 10 • MSFT, INTC, DELL

Is The Timing Right For Apartment REITs?

on Mon, Jan 9 • CCG, EDR, SNH

As Shipping Gets No Relief Bankruptcies Are To Be Expected

on Mon, Jan 9 • DRYS, DSX, EGLE

Rising Rents: A Trend That Might Hit Core CPI

on Fri, Jan 6 • DIA, QQQ, SPY

Is Something Changing In The DRAM Market?

on Thu, Jan 5 • MU, INTC

Prepare To Buy Kodak

on Thu, Jan 5 • EK, AMR

AAII Sentiment In The Danger Zone

on Thu, Jan 5 • SPY, DIA, QQQ

LCA Vision May Be An Opportunity

on Thu, Jan 5 • LCAV

Analyzing 6 Potential Takeover Candidates

on Wed, Jan 4 • ASNA, ASYS, BRKS

First Week's Seasonality Is Positive, Though Short-Term Danger Might Be Lurking

on Tue, Jan 3 • QQQ, SPY, DIA

A Bright Start To 2012

on Thu, Dec 29 • SPY, DIA, QQQ

The LTRO Has Had Considerable Positive Impact

on Thu, Dec 22 • QQQ, FXE

10 Cheap Stocks With Strong Earnings Growth

on Tue, Dec 20 • WDC, ASYS, CFI

Are Funerals A Dying Trend?

on Mon, Dec 19 • STON, SCI, STEI

The Derivatives Myth

on Mon, Dec 19 • BAC, C, GS

Taking Issue With Amazon Coverage

on Mon, Dec 19 • AMZN

The Tax Selling Effect

on Mon, Dec 19 • ALXN, BIIB, EP

3 Dividend Yields That Won't Last

on Sun, Dec 18 • FTR, CTL, WIN

Trading Cyclical Stocks

on Fri, Dec 16 • CAT, CF, DE

Why Microsoft Might Buy Nokia

on Thu, Dec 15 • AAPL, GOOG, RIMM

Hedging To Build A Market-Neutral Portfolio

on Wed, Dec 14 • MSFT, INTC, DELL

Occupy Wall Street And Not Understanding Capitalism

on Wed, Dec 14

Temporary Problems In The PC Market

on Mon, Dec 12 • MSFT, INTC, STX

Market Implications For Baby Boomers Coming Of Age

on Sun, Dec 11 • MSFT, INTC, GE

Surprised By AMR Going Up?

on Sun, Dec 11 • AMR

3 Reasons Why The U.S. Is Not Like Japan

on Fri, Dec 9 • SPY, QQQ

Time Travel, Growth And Valuation

on Fri, Dec 9 • AAPL, AMZN, MSFT

Online Electronics Retailers (Not Just Amazon)

on Thu, Dec 8 • AMZN, SYX, PCCC

The Reason Why Natural Gas Is So Cheap

on Thu, Dec 8 • LNG, GAZ, UNG

Impact On Revenues And Earnings From Foreign Sources In The S&P 500

on Thu, Dec 8 • SPY

Kindle Fire Returns Could Hit Amazon's Earnings

on Wed, Dec 7 • AMZN

E-Cigarettes: An Emergent Threat To Big Tobacco?

on Wed, Dec 7 • PM, BTI, MO

Trucking Doesn't Offer Many Obvious Opportunities

on Tue, Dec 6 • JBHT, ODFL, WERN

A Trading Strategy For 7 Biotech/Healthcare Stocks With Upcoming PDUFA Dates

on Tue, Dec 6 • MRK, AIS, AMLN

Why Apple Is So Cheap

on Mon, Dec 5 • AAPL

5 High Quality Companies To Buy, 4 To Avoid

on Mon, Dec 5 • CF, CY, DUSA

Purchasing Power Parity Using Amazon And The iPad 2

on Mon, Dec 5 • AMZN, FXE, FXB

Oil Refiners Are A Value Trap

on Sun, Dec 4 • VLO, TSO, HFC

The Short Thesis

on Fri, Dec 2 • AMZN

The Smart Way To Trade Memory, Metals

on Thu, Dec 1 • GDX, GLD, OIH

Commodities: A 52 Week Review

on Thu, Dec 1 • DBC, GLD, SLV

9 Big Cap Tech Stocks That Are Simply Too Cheap

on Wed, Nov 30 • AAPL, MSFT, INTC

Nokia Lumia 800: Not All Bad News

on Wed, Nov 30 • NOK

Will The Magazine Cover Curse Strike The Euro Next?

on Tue, Nov 29 • FXE, ERO, ULE

What Is The Fed Model Saying Now?

on Tue, Nov 29 • SPY, DIA, INTC

Panning For Dividend Diamonds: 3 Sparklers To Consider

on Mon, Nov 28 • INTC, NVS, NYX

SPX Seasonality You Can Play With

on Sun, Nov 27 • SPY, DIA

Secrets Of Trading Earnings: Estimates Matter

on Wed, Nov 23 • CRM, AMZN, AAPL

Affymax: A Negative That's Also A Positive

on Tue, Nov 22 • AMGN, AFFY

What About Other Cloud Bubbles? Focus On Netsuite And SuccessFactors

on Tue, Nov 22 • CRM, N, SFSF

The SSD Revolution

on Mon, Nov 21 • STX, WDC, SNDK A Smartphone Would Be Ill Advised

on Sun, Nov 20 • AMZN

Amazon: Serious Security Flaw In The Kindle Fire

on Sun, Nov 20 • BKS, AMZN

New Lumia 800 Phone Should Boost Nokia, Microsoft

on Thu, Nov 17 • MSFT, AAPL, NOK Not All Cash Is Born The Same

on Wed, Nov 16 • CRM

The Euro Paradox

on Wed, Nov 16 • FXE, ERO, EU

Kindle Fire Reviews Not Good - Sell Amazon

on Tue, Nov 15 • BKS, AMZN

The Tablet Effect (On PCs)

on Mon, Nov 14 • MSFT, HPQ, MU

Kindle:'s Razor And Blades

on Fri, Nov 11 • AAPL, GOOG, AMZN

Is Best Buy Eating's Lunch?

on Fri, Nov 11 • BBY, WMT, AMZN

Are Gold And Silver Being Unwittingly 'Cornered'?

on Wed, Nov 9 • GLD, IAU, SGOL

The Next Apple/Microsoft

on Tue, Nov 8 • AAPL, MSFT, CRM Bleeding Executives

on Sun, Nov 6 • CRM

Using AAII Sentiment As A Buy Signal

on Sun, Nov 6 • SPY

Understanding The Bull Case For

on Fri, Nov 4 • CRM

How QE Moves the Markets

on Wed, Nov 2's Non-GAAP Lemonade Stand

on Tue, Nov 1 • CRM

Amazon Will Be Showing Losses As Soon As Q1 2012

on Mon, Oct 31 • AMZN

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